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Capital Credits

Co-op Membership Pays

Did you know you actually own Tri-County Electric Cooperative? As a member-owner, you are entitled to margins, also known as the Co-op’s profits. These are called capital credits and are returned to you in the form of a check or a billing credit. That’s because the Co-op uses that money to improve electrical infrastructure. When capital credits are returned to members, you are seeing the return on your investment. This is one of the benefits of being served by a non-profit utility.

For more information, contact Carol Timmons:

Things a member should know:

  • Your capital credits are reserved for you even if you discontinue TCEC services. We will attempt to reach you at your last known address when refunds are issued.
  • To claim a check returned by mail, or request re-issue of a lost check, you must provide valid identification.
  • If you call to establish a new service in the future, tell us if you’ve previously been a member to keep our records current.

Frequently Asked Questions about Capital Credits

What are Capital Credits?

Capital Credits reflect each member’s ownership in the Cooperative. Tri-County Electric Cooperative does not earn profits in the sense the investor-owned utilities earn profits for their investors. Instead, any margins or revenues related to the sale of electric service remaining after all expenses have been paid are returned to the Cooperative’s members in proportion to their electrical usage.

How are Capital Credits returned to the member?

“Retiring,” i.e., paying back or returning capital credits, is a two-step process:

Step 1: Allocation — An allocation determines your share of the Cooperative’s margin in a particular year. Margins are “allocated” or assigned to members who belong to the Cooperative during the year in which a margin is generated. The allocation is based on the member’s proportion of electrical usage for that year. Each member’s portion is referred to as a “capital credit allocation.”

Step 2: Retirement — Once capital credits are allocated, they are retained by the Co-op until retirement of a given year. They are retained because capital credits are the most significant source of equity for the Cooperative. Equity is used to help meet the expenses of the Co-op, such as paying for new equipment to serve members and repaying debt. Capital credits help keep rates at an affordable level by reducing the amount of funds that must be borrowed to grow and maintain Tri-County’s existing electric system.The Board of Trustees will review the Cooperative’s financial health and can declare a retirement (your cash back payment), whereby a portion of your capital credits are returned to you. 

Tri-County Electric Cooperative uses the first-in, first-out (FIFO) method.

What happens if a member or former member fails to claim their check?

If any member or former member fails to claim any check representing retirement of capital credits within two years after payment has been attempted and 60 days has expired from the date of publication in the Cooperative’s newsletter or in a local newspaper, such failure shall constitute an irrevocable assignment and gift of such credits to the Cooperative. All donated funds go to unclaimed capital then, at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, up to 25% of all such funds may be paid to the Cooperative’s Energizing Education Scholarship Fund or a qualified educational charity as selected by the Board of Trustees.

What happens in case of a deceased member?

Distribution of Patronage Capital of Deceased Patrons

Effective June 1, 2013, the appropriate representative of a deceased Cooperative member’s estate can select one of two options for processing allocated capital credits:

  1. Continue to receive distribution of capital credits at full value during the regular retirement cycle, or
  2. Receive a lump sum discounted capital credit refund. The discount rate will reflect the present value of an amount that would otherwise be received in the future to reflect the time value of money.

TCEC bylaws/ policy provide for the option of an early retirement of the capital credits of a deceased member to his or her estate. Representatives of a deceased member’s estate can choose whether to receive the deceased member’s capital credits in the form of a present valued lump sum payout or to wait and receive the monies as they are retired as part of the normal, non-discounted retirement process of the Cooperative. Upon request by the appropriate documentation, the cooperative will pay the discounted, net present value of the capital credits to the estate of the deceased member. The amount of such distributions will be calculated using a discount rate that equals the Cooperative’s weighted average cost of capital and taking into account the date that the distribution would have occurred. Discounting provides a fair way to recognize special circumstances while continuing to treat members equally. If the discount option is exercised, the payment shall be final and binding in all regard.

What should I do if I receive a check in the wrong name or in the name of a deceased member?

Contact Member Services at 1-800-999-2285, or stop by one of our offices in Madison, Jefferson or Taylor counties.


Unclaimed Capital Credit Checks

TCEC makes every effort to ensure our members receive the Capital Credits they are due. To accomplish this, it is very important for TCEC to have your current mailing address. Many of the check are returned by the U.S. Post Office marked as undeliverable. If you see your name below, please call Tri-County Electric at 800-999-2285, ext. 203 to claim your check.

Aluminum Stainless Products
Ames, Theodore
Anderson, Nellie
Andrews, Kendall
Apple Pie Construction Co
Bailey, Gayle
Baker, Linda
Barnes, Don
Baxter, Donna
Beagle, James R
Bear Construction Co
Bedle, Harvey
Bell, Dennis
Bennett, Cheryl
Bethal AME Church
Beville, John
Beville, John Jr
Birch, Sandra
Blair, Dorothy
Bland, Mary
Bonds, K G
Booth, Doyle
Borst, Larry
Bowman, David W
Branham, James O
Brinson, Larry
Brooks, Cecil
Brooks, Terrie
Brown, Charles
Brown, Gary J
Buck, B C
Bulloch, John
Burton, Everett
Bussie, Florence
Califf, Cristen
Camp, Lawrence
Canopy Management
Canuette, Walter
Capelle, Jerry
Caudill, Linette
Cauley, William or Audrey
Chamblin, Jerry
Chasteen, Mary Van
Cherry, Malinda
Chestnut, John
Clark, Ben
Clark, Brian
Clark, Ida
Clement, Rocky
Clifford, Robert
Collins, Melissa
Concord Baptist Church
Conroy, William
Coody, Louis T
Cooey's Restaurant
Cook, Bill
Cook, Charles
Cook, James
Cooks, Marion
Cooksey, J D
Corbin, Rose Marie
Corley, James
Crago, Essie
Cross City Marine Annex
Cross Country Nurses
Cruce, Karen J
Crump, Jill
Crump, Teresa
Cupp, Kenneth
Curtis, John A
Darby, Jerry
Das, Raul
Davenport, Blair
Davis, B L Jr
Davis, Betty G
Day, Eva Mae
Denmark, Bob W
Dennis, Andrew
Devane, Janice
Dickey, Mae
Dieterle Raymond F
Dixie Electrical Contractors
Dodd, Nina
Doege, Erwin
Drawdy, Donnie & Kathy
Duarte, Marvin
Dutton, Floyd
Dutton, Harry J
Edison, Wanda
Edlebeck, Teresa & Arthur
Edwards, Jackie
Edwards, Paul
Ellinor, Mike & Gloria
Ernest, Abbie
Eskins, Robert
Eubanks Excavating
Faircloth, Martha
Fallon, Joe
Fernandez, Mario
Fife, Jean
Fink, Robert
Fischer, Ron
Fisher, John
Fouraker, Carly G
Francis, Percy & Ollie Jones
Fraser, John
Fussell, Tommy
Gargiulo, Gloria
Garis, William E
Gay, Wayne
Gear, Lola
Gill, Robert
Ginn, Larry
Gipson, Larry

Gnapp, Gregory
Gorday, Silas
Graham, J D
Graham, Leon & Cecilia
Grantham, Richard
Grantham, Sharon
Green, Walter
Gregory, James
Griffith, Johnnie
Groover, Deloris
Hall, Donald
Hall, Elizabeth
Hampton, Tommy L
Hancock, James
Harnage, Jo
Harrier, Traci
Harris, Margaret M
Harris, Ted F
Hasenfelt, Timothy
Hayden, Mary N
Hayes, Richard A
Haygood, Bill
Haynes, Willie
Hendricks, Patrica Gail
Hendry, Charles
Hendry, Ella Mae
Hendry, Harold R Sr
Hicks, Marvin W
Hill, Marilyn
Hillman, Gary
Holeman, J A
Holmes, J H Jr
Hurst Cable Inc
Hurst, Raymond
Ibbitson, Don
Jackson, John L
Janiak, Stanley
Jarrett, Robert
Johnson, Bruce
Johnson, Duane
Johnson, Pamela E
Johnson, Terina
Johnson, Vaudine
Judd, Robert & Emily
Keaton, Patricia
Keiser, Jacqueline
Kelley, Brice
Kennedy, Michael
Kersey, Doreen
Kilgo, James
Kimberlin, Linda
Kimmel, Jack
King, J Paul
King, James H
Kinsley, Lora
Knapp, Tom
Knipp, Paul
Knowles, Kelly
Kool Tyme Ice
Lacy, Ruth
Leavins, Thomas
Lee, Carl E
Lester, John
Lewis, Ashley
Lewis, Paula
Louder, Larry L
Lutz, Jack W
Lynch, Robert
Lyon, William A
MacDonell, Marcy
Mallard, Lyman
Mallory, Elman
Mansfield, Dayna
Mardis, Donald
Marquez, John M
Marsh, M N
Martin, Paula
Martin, Robert Chris
Mason Market, Inc
Matthews, Michael N
Maxley, James
Maxwell, William
McCellan, Bernie
McCloud, Shirley
McCloud, Wilma R
McCranie, Kathleen
McCullough, Virginia
McCurrack, Robert C & Catherine
McKinney, M H or Belitha
McKinney, Scott
Meade, Brenda
Merritt, Rhonda
Miller, George A
Minshew, Glenda
Moore, James Melba
Moore, Jerry
Morgan, Charles
Morris, Howard
Morris, William
Mullendore, Gary
Neely, Wanda S
New Hopeful Bapt Church
Newman, Linda
Nola, Tommy
Oakey, C F Jr
Odom, Fred
Odom, Leonard
Ordnance Products Inc
Osburn, W F
Oswald, Lou
Oswald, Wilbur
Palmer, C E
Paris, Richard D
Parker, Billy Joe
Paul, Joyce
Pearson, P L
Perdue, Lemon E
Phillips, Bill
Phillips, H L
Plemons, Charles
Plyler, Penny
Popham, Renae
Porta, James D
Porter, Arnold
Prator, Thomas J
Pruvost, Henry
Purvis, Milan
Ramada Inn
Ramsey, Martin
Rankin, Athol
Reaves, Donna
Redding, Michelle
Reedy, Michael
Rhoden, Gerald
Rhodes, Harold L & Lois
Richardson, Ernestine
Richardson, Patricia
Richardson, Sharon
Rivers, Sylvia
Roberts, Tim D
Roland, John R
Rose, Bertie Ruth
Rose, Don
Ross, Barbara
Rouse, Charles
Rudd, W W Jr
Rutherford, George
Sadler, Virginia
Salmons, Frank & Marilyn
Sammons, Kenneth
Samson, Willie
Sandefur, Frank
Sasso, Andrea
Satterwhite, Jay
Saturley, Joe
Scott, Renee
Scott, Robert
Seals, James
Sears, Rhonda
Shelt, Boyd
Shields, Thomas
Shouppe, Stephen
Skelton, Chris
Skelton, Floyd
Skinner, Deborah
Smith, Gladys
Souter, Willie
Southern Magnolia Corp
Spears, Carey
Spratt, Margaret
Sproat, Larry W & Martina
Staat, William
Stark, Timothy
Stayrook, Robert
Stone, S S Jr
Strickland, Forest
Strickland, Karen
Stroud, Avery
Stroud, Keith
Strout, Dean
Suggs, Charler
Suwannee Swifty Store #304
Tedder, R P
Telemedia Co
Temples, Virginia
Tharpe, Patricia
Thompson, Walter
Tillery, Edward & Eileen
Tomlin, Charles
Townsend Farms Inc
Trager, Don
Tree Capital Transport
Trisch, Ron
Vann, Freeda
Vanslette, Fred
Veal E P & Leroy Graves
Vest, James
Vickers, J G Jr
Viele, Richard
Vinson, Janice
Vista Communications
Wainwright, Lawrence
Wakefield, Wayne
Walker, Teresa
Walls, Ernest
Waters, E M
Watkins, Deborah
Watkins, Ronald
Watson, Theresa
Watts, Charles
Weaver, Dale
Webb, Dunell
Whiddon, Lisa
White, Jimmie
White, Robert
Whitt, Bernice
Williams, Janice
Williams, Mary Ann
Williams, Teresa
Willis, Gordon
Willoughby, Linda
Wilson, Andrea
Wilson, Earl L
Wilson, Myrtice
Wingate, Wilson
Wood, Alan
Woodard, Charles & Clarise
Yeoman, Lynn


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